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We recognize that the discussion of your financial matters is very important to you. We hope that we addressed the matters that are most important to you and that we provided a clear understanding of those matters. Please take the time to answer the questions below and return the survey to us. Your suggestions and comments are very important to us as we continue to refine our service with future conversations with new clients. Thank you for your assistance.
We understood the topics we discussed.
The advisors understood our personal goals.
Our tolerance for risk was defined and understood.
The advisors clearly enunciated the issues and suggested solutions.
The advisors were patient and did not pressure us to make a decision.
The advisors explained the fee structure in a manner we understood.
The advisors made us feel comfortable with making a significant financial decision.
The advisors explained the management agreement and other forms sufficiently.
We would recommend FMI to our friends and family-members.
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